Everything you need to launch your restaurant online and sell in one place.

We believe that restaurants should communicate directly with their customers and without taking a large part of your sales for a commission!

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We support any order type.

Be ready for any order, MakeOrder will enable your customers to order via:

Branch Pickup or Drive-through

Your customers can order online and choose to pick up their orders easily from the branch or the comfort of their cars.


Activate the delivery function based on the covered area whether through you or a courier.

Inside the Restaurant Ordering

Without any touching and through the QR code your customers will be able to order and pay inside your restaurant.


Your customers will be able to book a table with a certain number of seats and get all reservations details easily.

Waiting List

Register your customers and send them SMS or WhatsApp Messages by the time you are ready to serve them.

We support all sales channels and maximize your spread

Because we believe restaurants should communicate directly with their customers and by choosing Makeorder, you will sell through the following channels:

Private website

Within minutes, you will get your own website ready for browsing from a smartphone or computer and optimized for search engines, enabling your customers to order and easily pay and follow up on the status of the request.

iPhone and Android App

You will be closer to your customers through your application, which enables them to order easily and enables you to send notifications.

Selling through different communications

You will easily be able to sell and leverage the power of social media by selling via Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Promotions and Advertisements

You can give your new customers or current ones promotions based on multiple options and also create creative in-app advertisements.

Activating Promotions Automatically

Activating Promotions Automatically on the customer’s shopping cart when it meets the promotional requirements such as free delivery.

Advertisement Management and Notifications

You will be able to add an ad space within your website or mobile app and also send notifications to your customers through the website or the mobile application.

A Special Experience to your Customers

Registration and fast payment, Hassle-free, no complexity, just through your phone your customer can order and pay online.

Registration and fast payment

Hassle-free, no complexity, just through your phone your customer can order and pay online

Previous Orders and Multiple Choices

Easily your customer can surf his previous orders and repeat them and also take advantage of various benefits

Technical Support and order Receipt through WhatsApp

Your customers will be able to receive the order receipt via whatsapp to make the communication a lot easier for future preferences

Your restaurant is with you wherever you go!

A separate application for the restaurant top management to keep you always updated with the orders numbers, daily revenue, customers numbers, and many other statistics

Full control and access

Branch Management

lang.Adding branches according to the areas, working hours, payment options, and branch status

Menu Management

Adding Menus, items, and add-ons while controlling the calories and the duration to cook per meal

Customer Management

You will get full information about your customers, each customer has a profile with his purchase history and preferences

Permissions Management

You will be able to add employees and configure their permissions according to the his job role

Analysis & Insights Management

Through smart reports and analysis, you will be able to make the right decisions to increase your revenue and growth

Taxes Configurations

Configure tax settings based on countries. Language Configuration Bilingual Settings for each restaurant (English & Arabic) for the restaurant front-end and dashboard. Multiple currencies where MakeOrder supports all currencies

Service Providers Integration

Find out the difference between all packages in detail and choose the most suitable for you and your restaurant

Service Providers Integration

With unlimited power, you will be able to integrate with multiple service providers to enhance your experience with us and your customers’ experience with you

Payment Options

We provide a variety of payment options locally or internationally, and you can choose to pay Cash-on-Delivery

Social Media Marketing

We integrate with multiple platforms to provide a one-of-a-kind marketing experience and give you the power of analytics to your customers

Delivery Management

It compiles with different delivery service providers to make your reach easy

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